so here it is, I had my last period starting 4-10-18 lasted 4 days it was the last pack of my yearly subscription. Went in on Monday 4/16/18 to re-up my subscription. Was off birth control for two days. ( Saturday and Sunday ) and than started my new pack 4/16/18, had sex used a condom, condom came off while he was pulling out. It got stuck inside of me. Took plan B as a safety net cause I was off birth control for those two days and my doctor told me to double up on protection ( use condoms till Monday of next week 4/23) [ took it within 3 hours of the condom coming off]  woke up the next morning to real bad cramping but no blood.  so this is what I’m concerned about my period is due either today or tomorrow. But I’m worried that I messed up my cycle now cause of the plan B. I’m bloated and cramping like crazy. Super bad pmsing also. Should I be worried about pregnancy? 

Thanks for the answers in advance.