I started birth control the first day of my period 12/21. It says on the pamplet that if you start on the first day, you're protected. I'm worried because the period I started it on was short and it was 4 days later than usual. It only lasted 3/4 days, but my periods are never long. It was just kind of light. I had taken PLAN B a few weeks prior when I had unprotected sex so im thinking maybe that messed up my period a little..

My question is, should I get PLAN B again, now that I've had sex with my boyfriend? I've taken 7 of my BC pills in my pack, at the same time everyday. and just got off my period a few day ago. I'm paranoid about getting pregnant. I'm not sure if the pill will work like it said or not. Should I get a PLAN B pill just to be safe?