I have been on birth control for years, recently I had a mess up with the holiday weekend and not having a prescription - therefore I was off birth control starting May 25. Due to a condom slipping off I took Plan B on June 2. I then received my period only two weeks after my last one, due to the changes with not being on the pill anymore and having to take Plan B. I knew I would not be protected from being pregnant so I used condoms even though I started my new pill pack after my period on Sunday June 15. Since I knew it did not kick in yet I unfortunately was forced to take another Plan B on Thursday June 19 (did not know wrong condom size would cause them to slip off), and then was put in the same position on the next day Friday June 20, but I did not take another Plan B yet (tonight is my last day in 72 hours to do so). Am I protected with my pill or it has not kicked in yet? What should I do? Can I continue taking my birth control pills like normal, but also take another Plan B right now? Or do I have to stop taking my birth control take Plan B and wait until my next period to start taking the birth control pills again?


I am and have been on Junel FE the 28 day pill