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My cycle is like clockwork - 28 days +/- 

I took plan Plan B (Next Choice) mid cycle (March 30).  It induced a period on April 5.

From what I've gathered from reading tons of info on the internet, Plan B resets your cycle.

I understand there is an awful lot of confusion about emergency contraception and women have different experiences from that pill.  

However, I'm just wondering when I should expect my next regular period, (after the plan b induced period.) 

I encourage replies from women who are already passed the waiting game.


(And please, not to be rude, I know this can be a stressful time for many women, but if you're going to respond, no need for details on the actual sex act - we all know why women take plan b. There really isn't any need to know if your bf ejaculated on you, in you, or anything else; keep it clean & simple, please. Thanks!)




it varies u can come on a week early or late dont worry!