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The hardest part of losing weight is often maintaining your good habits over the weekend. The toughest time to eat well and maintain physical activity is usually the weekend, since your whole schedule changes.

A weekend warrior? When it gets down to the weekend, countless men and women who are trying to lose weight lose track of their diet and exercise routines. Weight loss plans tend to be more organized and aligned with the average, everyday schedule, which is during the week. This leaves the weekend up in the air, especially if you tend to go out, sleep in, or leave town.

Prepare your food by chopping, cooking and setting aside the appropriate portions for each meal and having them ready to go. You can separate your meals in one of several ways which works best for you. Either simply cook during the week and prepare lots of leftovers to pick at during the weekend, or measure and separate each portion of meat, veggies, grains, etc. If you really want to stay on the ball during the weekend, prepack your entire meal with all its components in separate Tupperware.

5. Plan an activity with your friends

To be ready to maintain your fitness goals, plan activities with your friends. This helps to stop you from backing out on your regular routine at the gym. This is a version of the buddy system, a proven success when it comes to maintaining your exercise regimen. Talk to a friend who is at about equal or slightly better than your physical ability to be sure that you can keep up and have fun with them.

Be sure to plan something fun, yet challenging for yourself to keep your metabolism pumping and burning those extra calories. Working out with a buddy also makes you more likely to work much harder than you otherwise would.

6. Avoid going out to Eat

It may be in your best interested to avoid going out for serious parties and big dinners if you know you cannot control what you eat and drink as well as you do at home. Avoiding going out will save your diet and save your money. Eating in means being able to plan, prepare, and enjoy your own home cooked meals. To keep things interesting, look up healthy, low calorie, nutritious recipes that you can try out. Knowing how to cook is very important to maintaining your weight loss once you've reached your normal weight.

Ultimately, keeping yourself on track during the weekend comes down to careful planning and attention to detail. Being prepared for your weekends and weekend activities will be the deciding factor when it comes to being successful or not in losing your extra weight. Plan ahead, be determined and don't be afraid to learn new methods to follow. Ask a buddy to come along to support you, especially when you know you probably won't stick to your plan!

Follow these simple tips and you're sure to lose those extra unwanted pounds!