Hi my doctor told me I had Chlamydia; I received 4 tablets of Zithromax and was told to take at once. I took all of them & had the worse stomach ache ever- I kept the medicine down without throwing it up (which was the hardest thing I've ever had to do) BUT I ended up taking Tums about 1 hour & 30 minutes later. I've been reading around online about antacid and Zithromax interactions; it says a lot about magnesium and aluminum - TUMS contains both BUT it is classified as a calcium-carbonated antacid.

My boyfriend and I had sex a week later: we took the Zithromax at the same time - but he didn't react funny to the medicine and did not take any antacids. Also he felt more "relief" around the head of his penis.

I ended up going back to the doctors and receiving more medicine JUST in case TUMS reabsorbed the Zithromax, which the doctor and pharmacist said not to worry about; but i recently retook Zithromax a couple days ago just to make sure.

My question is - does TUMS have a great effect on Zithromax? And also is there a possibility of my boyfriend getting reinfected IF the TUMS did have an effect on Zithromax?