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Hello there,


My partner was infected with Clhamydia and its currently on antibiotics  for it, I went to the doctor to get tested and they gave me a 1 dose of Zithromax its been almost a week but I still see no results.

Still burns/hurts when urinating, discharge still there,I have 2 lil open bump right bellow the head that burn when try to clean it, I also just started feeling discomfort in my testicles, and I have an inflammation in my pelvic area on the left side which started growing when the symptoms came, it doesn't hurt unless pressure is put on it.

I also have a white ring right bellow the the head which it makes it really uncomfortable to pull the skin back n above the ring its a little swoleng  which Im guess is because the Chlamydia.

Its been 6 days already since i took the Zithomax.

and my test results are not till 2wks.

Any Suggestions?


Hi Guest,

The first suggestion is not to have sex until you get your results.

Normally, there are VERY few signs of chlamydia in a male and often, none.  The open bumps you see, ulcers, could indicate syphilis or herpes.  You can have a discharge with syphilis.  Not all STD's respond to the same antibiotics.

Having an STD increases the risks for getting others.  You can have multiple STD's.

If it gets worse see your doctor.



I have already been blood tested for HIV and syphillis and both came back negative, and my girl aswell, she was only diagnosied with Chlymedia



Glad to hear Miquel.

There are other medications that can be used to treat chlamydia. Maybe it isn't working in your case - it happens.

Good luck on the results, let us know.