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Hello:  I am taking Effexor for depression and my doctor has also prescribed Trazadone (150 mg) for me because I have an awful time staying asleep at night. I was starting to sleep better, but I also was not able to stay awake during the day. When I went back, he suggested that I lower my dose to 50mg and try some other things to help me sleep at night. 

I didn't sleep any better last night (I was reading that it would probably take a few weeks to start helping) and I still woke up this morning feeling awful!  I feel like I could sleep all day! 

My question is this...will this feeling of groggyness/sleepiness during the day go away eventually?  I can't be this tired and be productive at work!  Thanks!


I also am on effexor 75 mg and trazadone 50mg. I have been on the trazadone for about three months and I still am tired for half of the day. The best I have to make sure I am getting at least 8 hrs of sleep or more to "lessen" the sleepy effect the next day. My bigest complaint is the dry mouth and disguisting taste in my mouth that lasts all day long!