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Contrary to popular belief, sleeping in a hammock can be better for you than sleeping in a bed.

Sleep is the one thing that links everybody. It’s something that’s essential to life like eating and drinking is, and it can have as much of an effect on your lifestyle as the above can too, if not more. There are such varying effects that can be had, and getting too much sleep or not enough sleep can change the way your day - and even week - can pan out. Think of a number of times you’ve become exhausted at the end of one day - this is a lot of the time because of the poor amount, or quality, of sleep that you had the night before.

Although the amount of sleep we get during a night is an important measure of how we will react the day after, it’s actually the amount of quality sleep that we get during an evening that is more likely to leave you feeling great, or otherwise than the amount of sleep. Waking up time and time again at night, but spending 8 hours in bed is hardly going to fill you with the focus and energy you need in the same way that having 6 hours of high-quality sleep will do. You need to find ways and means of making sure you get more hours of quality sleep.

There are plenty of ways to aid yourself in getting great quality sleep and most of these ways are fairly common. Making sure you use the right number of pillows to be comfortable, is one way of helping yourself. Correcting the temperature in the room you’re in is a sure-fire way of stopping you waking in the middle of the night, freezing cold and really tired! There’s a bunch of other ways of improving your sleep, too. Soothing audio is one of the most popular ways to send yourself to sleep.

Strangely enough, though, there’s a left-field way of contributing to added value during sleep that I must say even I have never thought of before a couple of weeks ago, and by this, I mean changing exactly what it is you’re sleeping on. And yes, I mean ditching the bed for something a little more exotic. How about trying a hammock?

Sleeping in a hammock will surely provide images of beautiful beaches and soft sand but there’s a serious message here about choosing somewhere to sleep that suits you and provides added comfort. That’s exactly what a hammock does. It’s even worth just having one in the house so you can use it every now and again to feel the odd benefit on. But if you’ve got poor sleeping habits, getting rid of them and your old bed could find buying a hammock being promoted to the top of your shopping list.

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