I am a 68 year old who has been an insomniac for 12 years.I had a friend who has since passed away and she was sending me xanax for my insomnia .I had no idea when I started taking them that they would be so addictive. That being said, I have over the course of 5 months finally detoxed myself from it. When I saw my Doctor he recommended I see a physiologist and I went to see one and saw the PMH-CNS,BC whatever that is we talked a brief time and I told her about the xanax and my insomnia and she asked me what is it you want ....I replied to learn to sleep without drugs..she wrote me a prescription for Trazodone. I wish I would have researched this drug before starting it however I didn't now I'm looking for answers on how to get off it....after reading all the side effects I KNOW I have to get off it. Out of 186 side effects I have 29.........I have been on Traz for just close to 1 month at 50mg a night. I'm looking for answers. Hope someone can HELP!!!

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