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6 days ago, I got a hemorrhoidectomy. My doctor was pretty much the worst, gave me no recovery info, suggestions or help. I had no idea what to expect except some pain and some blood. 

After reading posts on the internet I had the sh*t scared out of me (rimshot) (double rimshot-ayo) thinking that I'll be in intense pain and will be bleeding for months. 

After talking to my aunt who is a nurse, I gained some insight and some ideas that I thought I'd pass on to everyone here. Although I still have some pain and bleeding, 70% of my external swelling is gone, I'm back at work, it doesn't hurt so much to poop anymore, and overall, I'm feeling exponentially better. 

-There are TONS of nerve endings in your rectal area. Any kind of pressure or swelling is going to be extra sensitive. This is why so many people report this being one of the most painful procedures of their lives. 

-You will experience external swelling that looks like your roids are still there (if you had them externally). This is normal and will likely go away. 

-That whole area will be hard to the touch for a while. 

-Sitz baths are good for a few reasons; obviously keeping the area clean, the heat helps your muscles and relaxation of the area, but most importantly, the head brings the blood flow to the area to help speed up recovery. You can also use a heating pad or something to put on the area for 15-20 minutes to bring the blood flow to the area. Remove after 15-20 minutes to allow that to work its magic. This does help. Don't sit on a heating pad all day, you won't get the full benefits. 

-For the first 3 days, I drank only 100% fresh juice. If you don't want to do the juicing, I recommend getting a bottle of Pom, a bottle of Bolthouse farms Carrot, and a bottle of fresh squeezed OJ (many grocery stores carry this) which are all 100% juice. I mixed the three together with hemp protein (tons of protein, tons of fiber, good fats and vitamins) and drank that. This helped me not starve, but also not have to have heavy poops before I was ready. When I started to eat, I ate hummus and rice crackers for a day, then moved onto less boring stuff. 

-If your doctor gave you extra strength ibuprofin in addition to your other pain meds, try the ibuprofin. It worked loads better than the other stuff, and it's just ibuprofin. Be sure to eat with it, though. It's an anti-inflammatory, so if you take it regularly, it will help with all the swelling which helps with pressure, pain and pooping. 

-Coconut oil. Seriously, this has been the most amazing thing that I've done. After using the bathroom at all, I put a little coconut oil on some toilet paper and place it over the anal area and just leave it there. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, has a cooling effect, has tons of other health benefits for the raw skin in that area, and there are no side effects or harsh chemicals to worry about. After doing this for a day, my external pain and sensitivity was cut in half. After 2 days, it's nearly gone. The swelling is way down as well. If you incorporate it into your diet, it is a natural healing agent and has tons of internal benefits as well (in addition to lubing things up to come out more smoothly). If you take nothing else from this post... at least try the coconut oil. 

-Take stool softeners, but maybe also try an easy laxative. I recommend Smooth Move tea. The taste is eh, but in 5 hours, it gets things moving. 

-I hurt worse in the mornings. By the end of the day, I hardly feel anything at all. Apparently, digestive chemicals are to blame for that. 


That's all, just wanted to put some potentially helpful info out there. Good luck on your recovery as well!


This was very helpful. I had the surgery 5 days ago. Thank you