Hi all, 3 weeks ago, I had a hemorrhoidectomy for my external anal fissures. After reading many stories online, I was definitely hesitant/despaired. However, I knew it was only going to get worse if I did not remove it, so I went in for the surgery. Here is my experience for the first two weeks - hope it will help you have a better idea of what to expect, but don't forget that everyone is different!

Day 1: passed bowel movement before surgery - Mood: drowsy from anesthesia, full and energized from IV fluids - Pain lvl: 2/10, the area was sore rather than painful - Food/drinks: half a bottle of ensure plus, water - Medication: N/A

Day 2: - Mood: grateful & surprised- wondering why I have not experienced moderate-severe pain yet - Pain lvl: 2/10 from the soreness - Medication: miralax for stool softener

Day 3: - Mood: a bit irritated because I haven't passed a bowel movement yet - Pain lvl: 2/10 - Medication: miralax + magnesium citrate to stimulate a bowel movement

Day 4: passed bowl in the morning - Mood: shocked, it was the first time I have experienced severe pain from the surgery - Pain lvl: 8/10 " (goes down to 4/10 after taking Tylenol) - Medication: miralax, 4 extra strength Tylenol tablets

Day 5: passed bowl in the morning - Mood: upset with the pain but still grateful - Pain lvl: 6/10 " (goes down to 2/10 after advil) - Medication: 1 advil, miralax

Day 6: passed bowl in the morning - Mood: a bit depressed because of the pain and unproductiveness - Pain lvl: 4/10 " (goes down to 1/10 after advil) - Medication: 1 advil, miralax

Day 7: passed bowl in the morning - Mood: same as Day 6 - Pain: 2/10 - Medication: miralax After the 7th day, the pain continued to subside - I did not need pain medications but rather just a lot of rest.

Day 8&9, I would feel mild-moderate pain for a 4-5 hours after a bowel movement. Day 10-12, I would feel mild pain for 2-3 hours after a bowel movement. I was perfectly fine after day 13. It can be a dreadful process, but it's totally worth it. I had a very good surgeon, I am not able to identify any scars around the area. I also enjoy the fact that there is no more inflammation after I pass a hard stool. It doesn't hurt to sit for long period of time anymore. Looking back, I think I made the right decision. I have learned to appreciate my health much more after going through this experience. It has definitely made me mentally and physically stronger. I hope that your experience will have a quick recovery and minimal pain as well. However, everyone is different so it is better to prepare for the worst.

My preparation before surgery:

- Cooked congee, chicken, vegetable (soupy food and fiber is super important!)

- Bought: 2 packs of Ensure plus, 10 bananas, 10 cups of greek yogurt

- Cleaned my bathtub, so I can use it for my sitz bath - Asked my dad to be my caregiver for a week

- Bought a small Zen fountain " BEST DECISION" the soothing water drips relaxed my anal sphincters during bowel movements and distracted my mind from the pain. I also relied on scented candles to help me relax during the process. Pain distraction and relaxation is key when passing a bowel movement after a hemorrhoidectomy

- Stored water bottles and Ensure Plus by my bed

- Picked out some shows/movies for entertainment

- Created a soothing playlist on Spotify

- Wrote out a list of medical history/previous drugs/allergies/ and REMINDED my surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse on the day of my surgery!!! Better safe than sorry!

-Mindful meditation also help mitigate the pain!