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Hi every one! I had hemorrhoidectomy done 2 weeks ago. First week while under strong pain killers felt OK, even walked a bit outside. The pain after BM was pretty bearable but for the last 3-4 days something is happening that i can not explain. My BM are not as painful any more as I eat a high fiber foods and take fybogel and duphalac twice a day but about half an hour after the hat bath i take after each BM the pain is starting to gradually get worst. No painkiller helps at this stage and it lasts for about 9 hours after which it go's away. For example: 2 days ago I had a BM at around 9am and by 10am I was in bits but after 6pm I was feeling fit as a bull. Yesterday all day very good, around 7pm BM and could not sleep all night. Finally fell asleep at 4am, all day today very good but dreading another BM this afternoon. Any suggestions please!!!


Hi Jonny,

My haemorrhoidectomy was 7 weeks ago today, and I am still recovering.  The type of pain you are having is exactly what I experienced.  The second and third weeks post-op were just as painful as the first week.  My doctor has told me that the pain that you describe is due to the muscle going into spasm.  Heat helps it, so have warm baths, showers, or my favourite, sit/lie on a hot water bottle.  But pain relief medication does not seem to touch it, and you're right, it lasts for many hours after a BM.  Good luck.



Hi AussieK! Thanks for the reply.
The heat dos help, I'm having worm baths but it only relieves the pain wile the water is hot. As soon as I get out it starts all over again. Water bottle dos not help me. Just seen my GP and she thinks I may have a post OP infection and prescribed me some Augmentin and more painkillers (Difein) really hope that works.
I hope you have a good and complete recovery!


You can also alternate with an ice bag when you're in pain.

The bacteria from your stools may infect any open wounds on your surgical area too... maybe you can apply some ointment when the pain comes after a BM.


heard that u cant drink any citrus juice right after surgery 1sy 2 days is that right?

Supplements recommended b4 and after


Vita A (tomato,orang) : 10,000–15,000 IU per day, beginning a wk b4

Vita C: 1000–1500 mg per day, beginning at least a wk b4

Bromelain/ digestive enzyme(reduc pain, bruize & swelling): 500–1000 mg per day, wk b4

Arnica Montana 30c: 7 days b4 2 wks after 3 times/day keep under tongue if these pills are taken along with anticoagulants and pain relievers - there is an increased risk of bleeding

 Zinc: 15-20 mg /day.

Take colace 2times/day as long as taking pain med

Diarrhea causes: overdose vit c, colace, mineral oil, prunes, pear juice, apricot, milk

Foods that stop diarrhea—banana, yogurt, rice, bread, apples, green tea, tomatoes, Gatorade(lost electrolyte), v8 juice-low sodium.  

Constipation causes:  pain killers, caffeine drks, swt foods.

To Avoid constipation:  colace, Metamucil, banana, lots of water/juice, prunes, apricots, warm salty water