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I would like to ask many of you who have had hemorrhoidectomy's to share your story here in this thread. As many of you might have noticed, it is extremely hard to find long term outcomes of this surgery online. I am looking for people who have experienced internal and external surgeries and the different types of surgeries preformed. Me and many others are also looking for input on people who have had these surgeries 1 year or more so that we may be able to understand how you are doing years later after this surgery and if you have had any reocurrences of hemorrhoids. Please answer the questions below and share your story with us.

Things to add in your post to help others understand what you went through:

1. What kind of hemorrhoids where removed? (internal, external, stages of internal hemorrhoids?)

2. What kind of surgery was preformed? (traditional, laser, harmonic scalpel, so on...)

3. How long did it take you to feel 100% your normal self?

Overall I want to hear stories of people who have had these surgeries done a long time ago, a year or more. I am very curious if you have had a hemorrhoid free life since, or have had more hemorrhoid problems.

Like I said, it is so hard to find long term outcomes of this surgery. It would be of great appreciation if you could give us the time and let us know how you have been since the operation.

I hope many of you are well and hope this thread is used so that many can talk, share experiences, and get an understanding of the long term outcome.

Thank you.


I had traditional hemorrhoid surgery 27 days ago. I had internal and external, grade 3 and waited 5 years to have surgery. I very rarely bled or had pain, however I had a huge mass that made cleaning difficult and take a long time. I dreaded this surgery, as when I was pregnant with my third child a doctor lanced a thrombosed hem twice and the pain from that was excruciating. After 5 years of putting this off and hoping they would just go away, I opted for surgery and so far am glad that I did. The first week of recovery was tough, but I got through it. I did two enemas the morning of surgery and had taken senna the night before. When I got home and was still numb, I had to use the restroom and was terrified, but to my pleasant surprise, felt nothing! After every bowel movement I washed thoroughly and then soaked in the tub. After the numbing medication wore off I was scared. I stayed on the pain medicine my doctor prescribed, which was lortab 5mg. I also took toradol for 5 days, which was great!! I took stool softeners and fiber. I dreaded going to the restroom and yes, it was horrible, but inevitable. You just grit your teeth and get through it. Then you rest for a couple hours and do it again. The more you rinse and bathe, the better you'll be!! As soon as I was done taking toradol, my body was not happy. Toradol is an anti-inflammatory that you can only take for 5 days. Anyhow, after the 5 days was up I think I swelled up. I then took aleve and tried to get the swelling under control. I wish I would have known to take that right away so I didn't have to play catch up, that nearly killed me!! I think a stitch was tugging also and that was causing pain. When I went in for my 2 week post op, my surgeon took out a stitch from that very spot. So, if you have a spot that all of a sudden is causing you extreme, unbearable pain, call your doctor. I didn't and I suffered! I had stronger pain medicine from a previous surgery that I took that got me through luckily, but if I hadn't, I would've have to go in. After about 2 weeks I felt pretty good. I still bled every now and then when I went to the restroom, but nothing major. At 2 weeks my surgeon said that everything was healing great, but I still had stitches and scabs. Normal. After three weeks I felt like I could go out for an hour or two. If I had to use the restroom, I could run home. Now that it's almost 4 weeks, I have a goal by this weekend to be normal! I don't want to be homebound. I am very particular about how well I clean up after using the restroom and have to have my bathroom, so maybe that made a big difference in the whole homebound thing for me, idk. I just can't imagine using a public restroom after this kind of surgery until you are 100% back to normal. I am glad that I waited to have surgery, however now I know that I didn't need to. It's one of those things that you don't want to jump into because it is sooooooo painful, but if you are dealing with it everyday then just get it over with!!! You will be so much happier when it's over! You can get through it. Is it awful? Yes! Is having hems awful? Yes! You have to choose whether you wan to deal with the hems forever or go through surgery to get it done. Now that I am almost 4 weeks post op, I do have a skintag. This is making me absolutely crazy!!! It's just one more thing. Idk what's going to happen with it. I would love for it to just magically go away, like everything else bad. I go back to my surgeon at the end of the month. I'll give you an update. Good luck everyone!!! Hang in there. It will get better!!!


I had my hemorrhoidectomy on February 1st of this year for both internal and external grade 4 hemorrhoids.  I was in bed with lots of pain for about 2 weeks and now I'm left with 3 small skin tag after many month.  My doctor told me he can remove it again if I want but the skin tag does not bother me, so I'm just going to leave it there as I don't want to have another surgery.  It used to take me 45 minutes to finish a bowel movement before the surgery because I don't feel like I completed bowel movement all the time and there are always little more want to come out.  Right now after the surgery, it takes me less than 1 minute to finish bowel movement as I keep up my high fiber diet and do light weight lifting 3x a week to keep my body in top shape.  I would highly recommend the surgery if you have a really bad case like I do because it will change your life.  Sure I have little bit late complication such as narrowing of my rectum but at least I'm not in pain, bleeding or have those piles sticking out and cause tons of problem.  I'm not sure if they will come back in the future for other people but the best thing for me to do right now is to do light weight lifting like push up, pull up, 20lb curls and ab exercise 3x a week, keep a high fiber diet with fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, avoid soft drinks, alcohol, spicy food, fast food and always use warm water to clean my rectal area instead of using dry toilet paper after bowel movement.  I don't need to strain now and everything comes out pretty quickly as I don't want to sit on the toilet more than 1 minute.  If any of you debating about this surgery, my advise for you is to find a highly experienced rectal surgeon (not general ones) in your area, discuss with him the option you have and what to do before and after surgery so you are fully prepared.  It took me about 2 months to get back to 90% and right now I'm still at 95% because the 3 small skin tag left on my rectal area.  It doesn't bother me much except rarely it itch, no pain or bleeding issues so I'm just going to leave it there.


After which has a hemorrhoidectomy, it will take two to month to completely endure this medical procedures. It is crucial to adopt health care associated with oneself in this particular period:

•To relieve this article operative ache, your physician normally prescribes ache prescription medication, which often must be applied just as encouraged. There are NON-PRESCRIPTION merchandise that can help anyone, nevertheless request your own surgeon's judgment ahead of taking these people.
To counteract microbe infections and also reduce the ache, it's also possible to should get antibiotics after the medical procedures.
Using ice packages about the impacted area can reduce the inflammation and also ease this ache.
Following your functioning, challenging stools may cause a few bleeding and also ache, nevertheless usually do not anxiety, it is absolutely regular. Experts recommend to take far more linens, so that you can soothe this digestive tract movements.
Take Sitz bathing pools a minimum of two or tree occasions daily to rest your own sphincter muscles and also reduce ache.
Possibly if you do not sense virtually any pain, stop by your medical professional throughout 2 weeks after the medical procedures, to make sure everything will be OK.