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Im only 16 and my parents don't know that I'm sexually active....I cant keep using the pull out method and condoms really hurt....and I want to get birth control. How do I go about doing that? and Do I need a parent with me? Is it expensive?


condoms should not hurt. Are you using them properly? With enough lubrication you should not be able to feel them. Make sure you're buying lubricated condoms (I recommend lifestyles) and a water based lubricant like KY Jelly (DO NOT use oil based like Vaseline or lotion).

But no I do not thing you can get medical birth control without parental permission. You should call your local planned parenthood and ask what their policies are. They go based on your income so it's usually relatively cheap depending on what kind you get (monthly pills can run 6 bucks).

Find one near you.