Could I become pregnant?  On Sept 17 I had unprotected sex. We used a condom first, he came, took off the condom, we cuddled and slipped it in again for a few minutes without a condom. Later I thought about the sperm that could be on his penis so I took Take Action on Sept 18 just to be safe. Had the hormonal bleeding about 5 or 6 days later. I suspected my period would be late or a no-show for October. I am regular. I started the pill (Junel Fe 1.5/30) Oct 8 two days before my period was supposed to start. Period didn't show. I had unprotected sex the night of Oct 13. He did not ejaculate inside, but he came on my ass and gravity took place. About 5 minutes later I slipped his penis in. Now, the morning of Oct 14, I am realizing that I take my 7th pill today (7:00 everyday give or take a minute). I have had thick discharge lately which I believe is due to the pill. I knew my menstrual cycle would be thrown off because of the ECP, but will ovulation time be the same even though I didn't bleed? And between Sept 18 and now, I have not had pregnancy-only symptoms. If I need to wait until my next period to be sure, is there a chance I won't bleed due to the ECP I took in Sept? Or should the pill regulate it? I took my 7th pill at 7:01 this morning.