My boyfriend and I yesterday had protected anal sex. We were in doggie style when he came all inside me. But he realized when he pulled out there was no condom on anymore. (Told me he had no idea how or when it slipped off) He told me that when he pulled out he had a little extra cum but that went on the top of my butt. He said he can almost guarantee he didn't touch my vagina or see any leaking but can't remember for sure. He than pulled back away from me when he saw a little more come out and I ran to the bathroom and wiped front to back and washed with water more than a couple times. I wasn't able to take a shower until later that night but I kept wiping and washing from time to time before I had to leave around 5:10 ish (Took a shower and washed really good close to 10 pm this happened around 4:30 ish) To add, I got my period on the 7th of may and it ended on the 13 and we did this on the on the 17 and I'm not supposed to get my period again til June 4th. Today I was worried so I did a homemade pregnancy test with bleach (I did not know how accurate this is) but I watched videos on how they should react and I got like both of them. It did not fizz at first but than it did and overflowed and stayed there. To add, it was not first morning pee which I did not realize would affect it. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try again with bleach and sugar. But can someone please tell me if there's any chance I could be pregnant? I'm freaking out, not in any state to have a child right now. Also am I trying too early, do I need to wait closer til my period or if I miss it than try? Someone please help in detail I'm confused and very worried!!