Hello everyone :-) My story is kind of hard to follow. But I am willing to explain further in the comments if there is any confusion. I started birth control (pills-Cryselle) when I was 18 years old. This past December, when I was 20 almost 21, my gyno switched me to Mylan- a brand similar I believe to Seasonique. I should get my period 4 times a year on it. She switched me over because I was still having bad monthly periods, even while on the pill. (Long, heavy, bad cramps, migraines, all over body pain, the whole nine yards) I started the new pill in January. I took it for 2 weeks, stopped, had my period, then had sex and was worried (it was mostly protected with a condom but then he took the condom off before ejaculating). During this time, I also went to a new gyno because I knew something was wrong with me. I found out I have PCOS. My hormones are totally off balanced, and I do not take any type of medication to fix them yet. I started taking the pill again, took it regularly until the week of January 31 when I stopped taking it to see if I would get a period. I did. (From February 1-6) I started taking the pill again on the 6th. On February 17th, I found myself getting sick and found out I actually had the flu. I did not take my birth control pill from the 17th-24th because my flu was so bad that I seriously did not leave my bed (103.2 degree fever for four days) and got my period during that time too(why not be more miserable, right?). I started taking the pill again on Friday, February 24th. 

I just had sex on Tuesday, March 7th. He used a condom in the beginning, took it off, and any chance of prec*m was either in the condom, or, tmi- in my mouth (I did that after removing the condom) We then started going at it again, without the condom. He pulled out before ejaculting totally. (I know because, again, tmi- it all went into my mouth) I had been regularly, on time, taking my pill for 12 days before the intercourse we had. (But I also technically have been on birth control for 4 years now, just lately had some problems) (Also the medication I was on for my cough[IC Benzonatate 200 MG capsules] would not affect my birth control, and I did not take it the day we had sex) Should I be okay? (Also don't forget, I have very off balanced hormones due to my PCOS and I do not take medication for that)