Sorry because this question will be kinda long... I had unprotected sex (withdraw method) in Aug, took the morning after pill and I have my normal period on 1st Sept like I usually do. I had unprotected sex again in 12th Sept (withdraw method) but I didn't took the morning after pill. My period was 13 days late the next month (13th Oct). So I didn't know when to expect my next period on Nov. I assume that I will have my period between 1 Oct to 13 Oct (My cycle usually 30-31 days). Before the day I expected my period I have sore nipples, didn't sleep well, lots of white discharge and craving for sweet like I usually do. On 15 Oct I had unprotected sex again but he only inside me for 1 minute and of course he didn't ejaculated inside. I was worried but busy so I took the morning after pill 38 hours later. Now it's 22st Oct and I still haven't had my period yet. After I took the pill I still have lots of white discharge. On 21st I saw brown discharge I thought I will start me period but I didn't. The brown discharge have been going on for 2 days already but not much. Can you please tell me what'a going on?