So, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Jan.13, 2016, which I didn't notice until later was apparently the day of ovulation. We used the pull out method and of course he thinks he was successful in not getting anything in me. But regardless I took a plan b pill approx. 13 hrs.later. a week later I got a true period. Lasted 5 days. Started off brownish but later bright red. Anyway, a week later I got a vyi, now I have light cramps and montogery tubercles also had a day of frequent bathroom trips. ... has anyone experienced this. 

I have a 1yr.old so, this is kind of the symptoms minus the period.

Is it possibly my hormones are just off due to the plan b. Is there a possibility I'm pregnant. According to my calculations, if I would be im only be about 3 weeks pregnant. Gonna wait 2 more weeks to test. But I feel really queasy, which is unusual for me.