Ok so i know i am stupid but i need help. My boyfriend has been going through alot of rough things lately and doesnt wanna talk much so ive been making alot of decisions on my own which im mot good at cause i am young and impulsive and paranoid. We had sex about the day after i got off my period using the pull out method. Then the next week i gave him a blow job and later we had sex again using the pull out method. I started getting some pains around my right ovary which u assumed to be ovulation pain or even pain from deep penetration which ive had before and i didnt want to ovulate while his sperm were inside me so i toom plan b. Then the next week we got alittle drunk gave him a blow job and later and we had sex again, i know stupid and i swore i wouldnt, using the pull out method and i was freaking about again so i took another plan b. I told him im no long doing the pull out method and im not takimg any more plan bsand he aggreed so heres where im at. I am due to get my period around the 30th anywhere to the 7th usually, i am pretty irregular and it id the 22nd now. Im kinda scared and just looking for advice on whether you think i could be pregnant. I have pretty much had no symptoms beside mood swings which i assume are plan b side affects but i dont feel like i usually do with the pms symptoms i usually get around the end of the month which scares me. I have had no bleeding at all. Help i really am not at a stable place in my life to have a child