I took the morning after pill almost immediately after sex where the condom fell off and neither of us realized until after the fact. I took it around 3:30 am on the morning of July 26th. A few hours after taking it I experienced the nausea and vomiting side effect of the pill. That subsided fairly quickly (after about 8 hours). 

The friday after I took the pill I began to notice spotting which I thought was normal. The spotting turned into a full fledged period with extremely heavy bleeding. It stopped after 5 days. Now, 7 days after the last day of that period I started with spotting and now have another period with heave bleeding. I have bad cramps and nausea also.

Has anyone else experienced something like this after taking the pill? I'm wishing I researched it more before taking it because I think that I would have decided to chance pregnancy than feel this awful.