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My last period was around 7 1/2.I am irregular but would expect the cycle to be roughly 6 weeks.
I had sex with my boyfriend 10 days ago he did not ejaculate but I took the morning after pill. Anyway 10 days after taking the morning after pill no sign of my period?
I am confused as I dont even have any pmt symptoms theres no sign. What are the chances of pregnancy and when should i do a test?


when did you take the morning after pill???

its only effective if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex.

if you took the morning after pill straight away you should of had bleeding with it as it induces a period.

if you had one then, it will probably take a while for your periods to go back to normal as the morning after pill contains a lot of hormones.

if you are concerned that you may be pregnant then i would take a test but you have to wait until a week after your missed period - unless you take a first response test (these are the most sensitive early one).

if he didn't ejaculate in you and you took the morning after pill it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

if you don't want the risk of getting pregnant use contraception (the morning after pill should not be used for contraception)


only affective in fist 72 hours....dont listen!!!

in my opinion if you are going to get pregnant you do...whether you have the morning after pill or not!!!

I had a condom split and took the morning after daughter is now 14!!!!