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I am 17 and a half and have been with my boyfriend now for a year and a half. I love him dearly, and would follow him wherever. However, we've been talking about having sex, for the first time. We are both virgins, and I am his first girlfriend. I really want to, and it feels like the right time. I'm not sure, though about the whole pregnancie part. I am worried about the condom ripping, or something getting out that was not supposed to. I have dreams of going off to college and getting a P.hd in Psychology, so kids right now are not on my radar. Any help that you can give me? Advice? Comments? Please and thank you!:-D


Dear primmrose,,

before coming to your point, i would like to mention one thing.. " whatever you do in life, if you are not satisfied with it inside, you not gonna enjoy it ".

so, you are ambiguous about having sex with your boyfriend.. if you think, you can manage your dreams along with him, then, go ahead, grab him.

and children, i dnt think, its an issue.. you can get many contraceptive pills from market and getting pregnant mostly depends upon your ovulation cycle.

so, good luck..