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Are you a guy who's curious what sex is like in practice? Are you after some tips to make that first time the best it can be? We're here for you. 

What Does Sex Feel Like For Guys?

Hey — if I could try it out for a day, I would. As a female, I'll never know for sure. You, on the other hand, will find out. I've heard men describe the experience of sex in different ways, though, some more metaphorical and others more graphic:

  • Sexual intercourse feels silky soft, warm, tight, and exciting. Climax feels ecstatic, followed by a very peaceful calm.
  • Having sex with the person you're in love with or most attracted to feels like a release and building excitement at the same time. 
  • Sex feels like a total connection and like the most natural thing in the world. 
  • Sex feels electrical. 

I'm sure you'll have your own version to add once you've had sex for the first time (feel free to add your comment below!), but what's clear is that good sex feels amazing. Just like you can't adequately explain what chocolate cake is like to someone has never had any, the same holds true here — and really, isn't that part of the excitement?

How Do I Make The Most Of My First Time? Losing Virginity For Guys

Making the most of your first time starts way before your first time. Your first sexual experience with another person is going to be better if you already have some experience with your own body. Masturbation helps you discover what kind of touch you enjoy best, and what turns you on. It also helps you figure out what you definitely don't like. 

The second part of making the most of your first time involves making sure you are using protection. Worrying about getting your girlfriend pregnant or about catching a sexually transmitted disease is not sexy, so ensure that you have condoms on hand. 

The third part of making the most of your first time involves talking to the person you're going to have sex with. Good communication ensures that you're both having a good time. Consent is sexy; remember to ask your partner whether s/he is cool with what you're both doing. Something as simple as "is this cool with you?" or "does this feel good?" will suffice. 

Whether or not your partner is new to sex as well or not, s/he is certainly new to you. If something doesn't feel good, feel free to move your partner's hand or tell them what you like. There's no need to endure touch you don't actually enjoy, and communication is a two-way street, so just like it's good to ask your partner how you can best pleasure them, you can tell them what feels good to you, as well. 

Some other random (but important) tips for your first time are:

  • Make sure you will have privacy! The thought that someone will walk in on you is probably not a turn-on, and actually having that happen is much less so (especially if the person in question is a parent or younger sibling). 
  • Porn isn't real life. If you've watched some before, remembering that will serve you well. 
  • Sex gets better with time. Don't worry if things get a little messy, you climax too soon, you can't get an erection, there are odd bodily noises, or it just wasn't as good as you had hoped. Practice makes perfect, as they say. 

Troubleshooting: When Something Goes Wrong

Some guys ask if it's normal to bleed when they have sex for the first time, and for sex to hurt a bit. The most common cause of bleeding and pain during sex in young guys is phimosis. In uncircumcised guys, the foreskin may not retract fully, and this can cause bleeding and pain during sex. Please see a doctor if you have a foreskin and it doesn't retract fully.

Another possiblity is that you broke a blood vessel. This leads to heavier bleeding and requires medical attention as well.

Other causes of pain and bleeding of the penis are generally associated with older guys, so we won't go into them now.

What if you can't get an erection? In young guys, especially those who are having sex for the first time, stress is the most common culprit. In this case, the best advice I can give you is to enjoy other kinds of sexual exploration with your partner for now. You're likely to feel more relaxed next time. Your erection may also let you down if you drank quite a bit of alcohol before trying to have sex. 

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