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so if im taking a norgestrel and ethinyl estradial birth control pill and then i take a norethindron and ethinyl estradial birth control pill will there like be any diffefrence?


They are both progestins, they do the same thing, have the same hormonal effect on the body, just in different forumulations, (if I'm not mistaken)

As long as you follow the instructions seamlessly from the leaflet contained with your birth control/doctors advice, the changeover of pills will be completely safe.

You may notice side effects when switching pills, and your withdrawal bleed might slightly change, as to be expected when starting a new pill. So don't worry.

Example: When I switched pills I noticed a little nausea for the first week, (although it was nothing compared to the side effects I had when actually starting birth control for the first time) and my withdrawal bleed came one day earlier than it used to after stopping the active pills.