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I had a cold and stayed at my fiance's house for the night (long journey home,) I left my pill pack at home  so I knew id missed one pill but planned to continue as normal when i returned home, ofcourse I stayed for dinner, which turned into watching a movie etc and I came home and fell asleep missing pill number 2. I read the pill instructions and since it was 2 of the last pills of the pack I was adised to continue the next strip without the pill free break.

But 4 days after missing the pills and having intercourse on those days I had 2 day spotting which stopped, but 6 days after had a brown discharge

My fiance and I are considering starting a family anyway, but Im wondering Im I pregnant now?

Has anyone ever fallen pregnant missing one or more pills towards the end of their pill pack?


it depends on how your periods are on the pill

for instance, i take the pill and rarely get a period. its usually dark brown discharge (old blood)
the bleeding for 2 days was implantation bleedings its usually pink or brown

take a pregnancy test. especially because after missing 2 pills you shouldnt have sex for the next 7 days unprotected


my periods have been the same on the pill, iv been using the pill for a year and aways have a 4 day not light and not heavy bleed about 4 days after the end of each strip.

Iv never experienced brown blood before ever so it got me thinking

I dont know when to take a pregnancy test ... I have started the new strip without taking the week break as the advise leaflet said so I have no withdrawl bleed to miss, I prob have to wait another week :( hate waiting