Many people refuse to drink cloudy juices and turn to clear ones as they believe that the clear juices are purer and therefore healthier.

However, the truth is quite the opposite. Researchers have found that juices with lots of pulp contained more of the chemicals thought to lower the risk of cancer.
The reason of such health benefits are the polyphenols, fruit antioxidants which destroy the chemicals known to damage cells in the body. The researchers used four different apple juices to figure out how much of the antioxidants actually found its way to the final products.

Cloudy juices with lots of the pulp were found to containing four times the amount of these beneficial substances. Clear juices were deprived of the beneficial-antioxidants in the processes used to make them clear and remove the pulp.

Cloudy and clear apple juices differed in their anti-oxidant capacity due to the different levels of the antioxidants.

Last year, fruit and vegetable juices taken more than three times a week were found to dramatically cut the chances of developing the Alzheimer's disease and regular cranberry juice intake was found beneficial for the heart as it rose the levels of the good cholesterol by 8%.