Researchers came to interesting finding that natural compounds in red wine, fruits and vegetables may help with negative effects of food rich with high fat. They claim that if people consume these polyphenols together with fatty foods they may reduce risks associated with this kind of food. Polyphenols from fruit and vegetables are able to prevent appearance of toxic food derivate compounds in human plasma.

During the research, few man and women were given three different meals consisting of dark meat turkey cutlets. First meal consisted of turkey meat and water, second one of turkey meat with polyphenols added after cooking and one glass of red wine and finally the third meal consisted of turkey meat with polyphenols added before cooking and one glass of wine after the meal.

Researchers investigated levels of malondialdehyde which is a natural product of fat digestion. This MDA is able to increase risk of heart disease and during the study researchers investigated levels of it in blood and urine samples in different stages of the study. Study found that levels of MDA were five times higher after control meal while MDA was normal in subjects who consumed meals together with polyphenols.

This study represents new break through because in near future scientist will figure out how can cellular damage caused by fatty food be prevented.