Study finds that drugs used to low cholesterol in patients can reduce risk of heart attacks even after several years after patients stop taking it.

Research reported that people who were taking drug for five years experienced the benefits of it even 10 years after they stopped using it and also had a reduced risk of heart attack.

This finding is very important for the patients who might be concerned about safety of the drug when they take it for such a long period of time.
Research included two groups of patients with high cholesterol in a period of 5 years. First group of patient received a placebo and the other group pravastatin. Results showed that the statin users had reduced risk of stroke and heart attack compared to the first group of patients.

Ten years after the second group stopped taking statin, report claims that they had significant reduction in heart problems. This gives a conclusion that statin treatment has a long term benefits in slowing the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, statin saves lives. Only in UK 3 million of people take statin.