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On my 7th day of period, i have done a hand job for my fiancee, and he ejaculate and it hit a bit on my hands, and i wiped off the sement with wet wipes, then after a few minutes my hands dried and i went back home, and i touched my vagina without washing my hands, is there any possibility the sperm is still on my hands? I just want to finish off my anxiety....



Is condom a reliable barrier if it did not break even if the guy cum inside and I am fertile at the time probably. Period 19 Feb contact 01 March. Average of 30 day or so cycle. 

Other factors are there is no pre cum as the genitals were in contact thru a condom the entire time. 

Plus used ECP 12 hours after intercourse. 

And also, is age a factor? I am 36 now. 

Having said all of the above - what else can go wrong? 

Have read a comment from someone in yahoo that condom did not break and yet she is now 9 months pregnant. 

Thanks so much in advance