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Hi there, 

My friends is a gonna-be mother soon (27 weeks pregnant) and currently I help prepare some baby stuff to use after delivering the baby.

Would appreciate anyone can gimme some guidance what to prepare during this period?? Btw, I would like to know which brand of baby wet wipes is good and normally how many packets required per month usage??As far as I know comes from 

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It doesn't really matter on the brand -it's more about the comfort of them! Also there is a growing trend to use warm water and a face cloth. All of my god daughters use this on their children - I can't handle it!!!! LOL but they sure can. Also know that just because it has a name brand on the sticker doesn't mean it's better! A newborn goes through about 7 diapers a day, and it all depends on the baby's diet - eg. breast fed, formula. What the mother's diet is like etc. But if you get ready for 7 diapers a day you will be prepared! I find that wipes are definitely better when you are out of the house - especially "surprises". So find out ones that are soft and not many chemicals if you can find them, the more natural state the better!