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With the cold weather rolling in, it's time to start protecting your hair from the harsh elements.

If you are lucky enough to have long hair, or even a short bob, you are all too aware of the damage the harsh winter weather can do to your hair.

Rain, freezing temperatures and strong winds can play havoc with even the strongest hair and leave it looking limp and lifeless. The change in seasons seems to happen quicker and quicker each year – leaving us with less time to prepare for the colder weather.

As anyone who has faced this problem knows, there are so many things that can lead to your hair looking less than perfect through the cold, dark months.

Cold winter weather can make your hair feel incredibly dry and brittle. The lack of humidity not only causes split ends and generally bad looking locks but it can also dry your scalp and lead to dandruff. You know how your hands and lips feel dry and chapped through the winter? Well the skin on your head is no different – even if it is mainly covered by hair! Cold pulls all moisture from the air and this mixed with increased heating indoors can lead to a serious bad hair day.

Just sticking a hat on your head won’t help either. If you pull a hat over your hair it might protect the bits tucked under the woolly protection but if you have long hair then the cold and wind can still get at the ends of your long locks.

The absolute worst side effect of winter has to be split ends. The dry, frizzy look with static hair sticking up everywhere makes you look messy and ungroomed – even if you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Wet weather doesn’t help hair at any time but if your hair is wet and is then exposed to freezing temperatures it can actually start to freeze. This will not only break your hair but leave it damaged – sometimes long term.

Moving from hot to cold, when you leave the house to go outside in the morning for example, can cause your hair to rebel. Any sudden change in temperature is not good for your hair follicles and can cause it to dry out and become unmanageable.

Windy weather is always a pain when you have long hair in particular. Even with the best of intentions, your hair will always become a knotted mess if it is whipped about in strong winds. And getting home to attack it with a brush will just matt it more and rip your delicate strands of hair into a frizzy mess.

If you’re washing your hair every day, you could be damaging it even more when winter arrives. Washing your hair too often will strip away the helpful oils and natural serums that keep your hair fresh. Styling with straighteners or hot curling irons will also add to your hair’s general lifelessness.

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