A day ago, I gave my boyfriend a ha****b, while he was wearing his pants and boxers (My hand was in his boxers..) After I was done - there was sperm on the side of my right hands, which i wiped off with wet baby wipes and let dry for around 2 to 3 hours. Anyway then, the same exact thing happened (2 to 3 hours later, another ha****b) and when i was wiping my right hand, my left hand thumb came in contact with the sperm, but i also wiped that off with the wet wipes.. (not the same wipes as the first ha****b obviously) When i got home, which was around an hour later, i washed my hands with water and an antibacterial soap that is usually used for disinfecting stuff.. and dried my hands with a towel. If i touched myself afterwards, is there a possible chance for pregnancy? Silly i know but I cant help but worry. My period ended a week prior, so my ovulation day is due quite soon.