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I'm 16 and I'm worried about my penis. Why? Well about 5months ago I found that the skin on my head of the pinus (Do Not Know Correct Term) was shrivelling, First I thought it would go if I started washing with special E45 cream on, but it didn't, then I was diagnosed with Chlamydia a month later by my doctor. He lied to me, As I had a chlamydia test a while after this just to check up on him and it came back negative.

What I Don't get is, Why has my pinus got dried skin and cracks on it? I Also have a red spot, which occured a bit before this, but you can't really notice it.

Please help, As I'm still a virgin and I want my first time to be stress free without all this...
Pleas and thanks x


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there are many different things it could be can you describe in more detail what things look/feel like? it is NOT an STD because you have not had sex so that rules a lot out right there.