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Hello, if someone could give me an answer on would be MUCH appreciated

Ok so about 2 days ago I'm giving myself a check up and I noticed that there was a 3 little white dots, that seem like pimples to me, on my shaft of my penis. They do not itch, they do not hurt, I do not have any kind of discharge from my penis, peeing does not hurt.

I also have used condoms with every girl I have slept with, only 8. There have been 4 girls that I didn't use them with after a couple months of knowing them better. These are girls that go to there Gonocolagist on a regular basis and have nothing wrong. So I was thinking that it could have been from masturbating with dirty hands? Cuz I went out a couple nights prior and my hands weren't so clean, then I masturbated and these things showed up a couple days later.

They are not big either, they probably about the size of a pin point. They have seemed to get smaller to after my showering and washing.

So if anyone could get back to me that would be awesome.



same sh*t with me except about i had sex with 2 girls in my life and both gave head first girl i had sex with had sex before but ya..but maybe it was the first girl or something that may have a virus dont know yet going to find out soon froma doctor but what this person just explain of what he has i think i have too as i went to the restroom i went to clean is and the saw a whie dot also but it wasnt on the head of my penis or anything like that but it was on the skin the shaft of my penis not in the skin but outside the skin like on the middle of my penis so i dont know if it could be an STD or whatever but i do also masturbate and sometimes my ands are a bit dirty at times i do it so. i can relate on that about the dirty hands if it could be just from that of a reason why i have a white dot. So if oyu can i would like to know what it could be?

Thanks for your time.