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Washing your dog isn't as simple as giving them a bath. You need to know their skin sensitivities, how they're prone to dryness, etc. Here's some tips and a recipe for homemade dog shampoo!

No matter the month in the year, taking your dog out for exercise and to stretch their legs could be one of the most important things for them, and for the relationship you build with them. The summer months are obviously the best time to take your dog on a long walk or a trip to the beach, but this doesn’t mean you need to leave them inside during winter. The only problem with winter is that with the cold and the rain brings additional responsibility when looking after your dog. Namely, washing the mud, water, and bits of mother nature your dog gets in their fur.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, taking your dog with you is always the first thought on your mind. As a companion, dogs are great company, but we all know they like to carry dirt back with them whenever they’re on a trek. And to avoid your house getting dirty and you dogs getting unwell, making sure they get a good, clean wash regularly should be one of your main concerns. How often, though, should you wash your dog? We’ve taken a look at what the best advice is for keeping your pooch clean.

What Is Best Practice?

Regardless of where your dog has been, you should be looking to wash your dog with a good dog shampoo or gentle skin human shampoo once a month. Any more could do damage to the sensitive skin of a dog, but of course, we all know that sometimes you need to wash the dog more, walks and playtime being the main reason. If you need to wash your dog regularly, make sure you’re only using water and thorough scrubbing. If your dog is susceptible to fleas you may be in the habit of washing your dog regularly, but it’s worth avoiding using dog shampoo too often.

Why Wash a Dog?

This might seem like a rather obvious question, but there are a few reasons why you should wash your dog. Firstly, and most obviously, is to keep them clean. Dogs are animals that scrounge around in muck, dirt and leaves most days, eat food from a bowl and go to the bathroom outside. These are just a few ways dogs become dirty, so they will need a wash. But there are other reasons to wash your dog.

Washing your dog can help you make sure they’re in generally good working order. As their hair will fall flat when heavy, you can check for any lumps, bumps and bruises, and whilst you’re giving them a scrub, you will notice any sore areas of their body by the loud yelp they will do if you touch a soft spot.

Washing your dog is also a great way to maintain that good relationship with your pet. Animals have likes and dislikes, too. They will like being washed, generally, and it’s good to find out what they dislike in the form of washing and playtime. They will begin to trust you more if you take care of them more.

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