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Nearly every guy has some irritation on the front of the erect penis at some time. (The "front" of the penis when it is erect is the opposite of the "front" of the penis when it is flaccid and hanging down.) There is a little line of tissue that seems kind of like a rod, which actually is kind of like a rod during an erection.

This is the skin over the corpus spongiosum When you aren't having an erection, it is, as the name sounds, spongy. When you are having an erection, it fills with blood and becomes hard. In younger men, it can be especially prominent. On either side of the corpus spongiosum there are two areas known as the corpus cavernosum. They fill with blood and get hard during an erection, too, but the blood vessels in the middle of your penis keep them from squeezing too hard on your urethra. This allows it to transmit semen during orgasm and ejaculation. If you didn't have this "rib" (think of it is as what gives you a boner but isn't a bone) you couldn't ejaculate.

Guys, it's not supposed to have red spots. That usually suggests you are doing something a little too rough. Red spots are usually petechiae, small areas of burst blood vessels. They can also occur in the mouth and throat of your fellatrix (female) or fellator (male), the person giving you oral sex. They are not contagious. They are due to too much pressure during sex, more often oral sex than vaginal or anal sex. They can take from five days up to two weeks to heal, and that's if you avoid masturbation, receiving oral sex, or taking the active role in anal or vaginal sex for the whole time. 

For that reason, some guys never seem really to heal. It's not that "everybody has them," but you are having so much sex or masturbating so much without a break the spots don't ever clear up. Believe it or not, there are men who go an entire week or an entire month or longer without any kind of sexual activity and not because they can't have it.  Those men typically would not have red spots in a line from the tip of the penis to the scrotum. But whether you would be that abstinent or not, petechiae aren't dangerous and don't progress to some kind of disease.

What if the ridge over the corpus spongiosum is red, and there aren't little red bumps? Usually this means that the penis has rubbed against scratchy underwear or scratchy clothes during erections that kind of just happen. Most younger men get erections 20 to 50 times a day, during class, at work, when they are around women, when they around men, when they are around grandma. It's like they are ready for sex all the time even though the time is totally inappropriate.

The solution to this problem isn't to think wholesome thoughts and hope your erections go away. They won't.  The solution is to wear loser clothes. You really don't want your pants to hang down so your underwear shows. That puts your belt where it will rub across your penis, and not in a good way, all day long. It's particularly important to have loose underwear. Boxers are better than briefs. And whether you wear boxers, briefs, thongs, jocks, or no underwear at all, it needs to be clean and to have been sent through the rinse cycle of the washing machine before it's dried. Your own, how to put this, secretions can break down and become irritation, so you need fresh underwear to avoid irritation. And you need to have them free of detergent residue to keep from chafing your junk.

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