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I have a dry patch on my finger, and it's been there for quite a while now, at least 6 weeks.  It started with a couple of little annoying sore red bumps, and those still keep appearing.  The area around where they appear is dry and cracked, and feels a bit like an open wound.  Sometimes the little spot things break and leave open skin.  It hasn't responded to E45 or Hydrocortisone cream preparations.  The patch has gotten larger on my finger, but hasn't spread to any other part of my body; not even to other fingers or my hand.  I don't think it's contagious as my girlfriend hasn't had anything like it, and it doesn't look like any pictures of eczema that I've seen online.   Does anyone know what this might be, and how I can get rid of it ,or at least alleviate some of the soreness? 


it could be eczema, i have it and sometimes it sounds like what you are describing, when it starts to get that bad i usually just cut somthing out of my diet usually dairy is pretty common, So i just cut something that is new out of my diet and moistureize that area of skin alot.

thanks hope i helped out