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Quit smoking a year ago - sick ever since!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, since I quitted smoking a year ago, I have only been feeling more and more sick. I don’t have enough energy for routine activities, feel exhausted, I gained weight and lost self-confidence. Why is this happening?

by User avatar Guest

Chantix and withdrawal symptoms

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have a smoking problem. Many times until now I have tried to quit with smoking. Now my friend recommended me Chantix. She told me that Chantix will help me to quit with smoking cigarettes. But, I want to know something more about Chantix and withdrawal symptoms. Thank you!

by User avatar leonardo50275

Shortness of breath after stopping smoking

Answered by a doctor

Can anybody tell me if shortness of breath after stopping smoking is normal? I am 32 years old, male, smoked 8-9 cigarettes a day for about 15 years. I stopped smoking three weeks ago. I have never been short of breath in my life, however since I stopped smoking, I find myself out of breath, at...

by User avatar Guest

has anyone had side effects from stopping chantix

Answered by a doctor

>;) I have been taking chantix for 3 weeks, at first it was leg cramps and restless legs. Then hips hurt, no sleep,when I do sleep I dream alnight. I don't rest at all. oh and naseau from the very beginning. Now after stopping for the 2nd day I am ill tempered and don't want to be around anybody.I...

by User avatar fatfrog

4 months quit smoking but still not recovered from withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

[21 August 2012] I'm 26 years old. 9 years smoking. This is my experience in quit smoking.I quit smoking since 20 April 2012. When I stop, I was suffering food poisoning. With this opportunity I resolve to quit smoking (cold turkey). The following are symptoms that occur to me since the first day I...

by User avatar iqbalmatadzin

health problems after stop smoking

Answered by a doctor

I stopped smoking Sept. 5th, 2006. I have been sick ever since. I smoked for about 38 years and I have never really been sick with the exception of a common cold, a couple of times a year. Now that I no longer smoke I have kept a cold and I don't seem to be able to clear my throat. What's up...

by User avatar quest

Urine Nicotine/Cotinine Test for Pre-Employment

I was tobacco free for 90 hours (3 1/2) days before the urine test for cotinine. During those 3 1/2 days: 1) I drank over a gallon of water a day. Also drank a lot of cranberry juice and orange juice. 2) I worked out twice for over a hour and sweated profusely. 3) Ate normal meals. No...

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Can I Pass a Cotinine test?

Answered by a doctor

Today is December 31, 2007 I have a cotinine test in 4 days. If i pass I can have weight loss surgery, if I fail there are no more chances...I have bought a nicotine cleansing kit with pills and herbal drinks like green tea and lots of cranberry juice and apple juice and water. I brush my teeth...

by User avatar PenneyD2857259

stopped smoking and severe stomach bloat

Answered by a doctor

Whenever I stop smoking, I take to the gym, watch what I eat and then severe stomach bloat. I look like I'm ready to deliver a 10 lb baby. This has happened many times. I have search online for years and can't find the answer to this problem. My pcp has put me on fluid pills and it does not...

by User avatar doe17637

Are nicotine patches more addictive than cigarettes?

Answered by a doctor

Seems like nicotine patches can be more addictive than cigs. At least 100% for me!!! I never had so strong mood swings, anger, anxiety issues before using patches... It's been close to year now and it's still daily fight... Can anyone else relate? Here are couple of comments on patches from the web:...

by User avatar lucky83