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dog saliva allergy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, our family has had a pet dog for three years. We all love him very much and couldn't imagine our lives without him. However, recently I have noticed that whenever he licks my arm I get this strange rash. It took me some time to connect the rash to the dog, but now I am sure that it is he that...

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Cat Bite, extreme pain, swelling, numbess

Answered by a doctor

Help! In so much pain, Urgent Care said rare to have these symptoms, dont know what it is - said nothing else they can do - and they don't care! Put on ant-biotics and sent home. Numb & Tingling fingers, hands, pain so bad it makes me sob, traveling up arm. Bitten on the wrist, bad puncture...

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I am having a pain in my chest and in my lungs with shortness of breath. Possible dog allergy?

I am having a pain in my chest in my lungs. shortness on breath, light headed feel like I am going to pass out. Can it be a allergy to dogs which I have had for years or my wife uses a vapes

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Allergic to my pet dog saliva, what can I do?

Allergic to my pet dog's saliva. what can I do ? I am tried of rashes and itching. What can I do?

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I feel like im dying after cat bite

I was attacked by my cat 2 days ago, it got my lower leg, ankle, top and bottom of my foot. Went to doctor they sent me home with antibiotics and ointment.  Im in so much pain i have a fever , lower back pain.  My leg is numb from toes to middle part of my leg.  It has pus coming out...

by User avatar Angie

Cat attack. My foot is so swollen. It’s huge and I swear it feels like it’s broken

I was attacked by a cat two days ago. Deep puncture wounds from the bites and a lot of scratches. That thing latched on to me leg and kicked down with his rear paws and tore my foot up. I waited about four hours before going to the emergency room. I had no idea cat bites could be so dangerous. My...

by User avatar Nickie361680

Bit by stray cat. What do I do now?

I was bit and scratched on the back of my hand four weeks ago by a stray I tried to rescue. It hurt like hell and by morning was swollen, achy and red. I could hardly move my fingers. I went to urgent care and got a tetanus shot and a cycle of antibiotics. They also took an x-ray to see in the...

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Can I get rabies from a Cat's Scratch

I got scratched by my uncles cat and i want to know if i can get rabies with a scratch of a cat

by User avatar Julio

itchy skin from dog saliva? am i allergic?

my dog sometimes licks me and i would have no problem with that except that after a little while, my skin starts to get insanely itchy and i have to scratch it because it is unbearable. i don't know if i'm allergic, my dog has special itching powers or what. i never get a rash but i get really...

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Cat fur feeling in mouth. Have I developed a car allergy?

Answered by a doctor

I have this same problem...for about two weeks now. Have two cats...but have had cats for years with no problems before. Have I developed a cat allergy? Or is it something else? Any anwers/ help please. 

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