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I was attacked by a cat two days ago. Deep puncture wounds from the bites and a lot of scratches. That thing latched on to me leg and kicked down with his rear paws and tore my foot up. I waited about four hours before going to the emergency room. I had no idea cat bites could be so dangerous. My foot is so swollen. It’s huge and I swear it feels like it’s broken. I can barley walk and can hardly bend my foot. I was given tetanus shot and an injection of antibiotics at the emergency room and sent home with a prescription for antibiotics which I have taken faithfully. My foot does not appear to or feel any better only worse. Is this normal ? Should I go back to the emergency room?


Hi Nickie,

See your doctor.  Cat bites can be VERY serious.  You may need another antibiotic.

Do not delay.

Good luck.