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Overall value:
88 pts
myPill Birth Control Reminder app remind the users to take their birth control pill daily, but it also works as a tracker, as well as provides the advice on birth control use.


Free with option to purchase Premium with additional features
88 pts
App Interface Usability
Easy-to-use interface with visually appealing design
96 pts
Multimedia Usage
Reminder is featured as interactive illustration of pill pack
82 pts
Real World Usability
Useful app for everyone having trouble to remember to take their birth control pill
86 pts

Staying adherent to your medication regimen is important in order to retain the efficiency of the drugs you take. But this can also be inconvenient if you rely on your memory or use traditional methods, such as pen and paper.

Taking oral contraceptives is no different, because it's easy to forget to take your daily oral contraceptive dose. Missing even single birth control pill can be an easy way to get pregnant.

Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile apps that deal with this problem by helping patient, who rely on their memory or not so reliable traditional methods, to stay compliant.

On SteadyHealth we already reviewed couple of those reminder apps, such as Dosecast app or Medisafe Pill Reminder app that can be also used as reminders for daily oral contraceptives, since they cover a wide variety of medications.

However, plenty of mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices focus specifically on birth control pill management helping female patients stay adherent and not miss the important dose ever again.

myPill Birth Control Reminder is one of the apps that makes the management of oral contraceptives a lot easier. Its primary function is to remind the users to take their birth control pill daily, but it also works as a tracker, as well as provides the advice on birth control use.

The app opens to the welcome screen with a question trying to determine what type of birth control you take. Here you can choose among three options that include pill, ring and patch. Depending on what type of birth control you take, you'd be taken to the screen with additional questions trying to help you set up the reminder.

For example, if you use mini pill without estrogen, you'd be asked about the period of time that have passed since you've started the current pack of pills, how many active pills do you take, do you have breaks and if so how many. You'd be also asked if you take placebo (sugar) pills.

Next step will help you set the reminder with time, custom message, alarm sound, snooze, etc.

After you're done with the setup, the main screen would open featuring the image of pill pack you can use to interact with the reminder. The days of the week and month are also featured on the pack, and the users will have the information on the number of pills used and remained depending on the pack size you've chosen.

The interaction is quite simple. All you have to do is to tap on any day (pill) in the pack and the menu would open allowing you to add notes, mark pill as taken, start a new pack or make appointment with your doctor. You can also add symptoms you may have experienced, including spotting, light or heavy flow, diarrhea or cramps, or add custom symptoms.

All this information, including your pill usage and symptoms will be also displayed on calendar that can also be used for tracking.

Once you mark the pill as taken, the animation on the pack image will change to empty (the pill would be "popped"), just like on the real pack. These animations also changes if you don't have any pills to take, or if you used placebo pill.

The myPill Birth Control Reminder app also features nice social component, by allowing users to engage in interaction with other app users, i.e. to post your questions or answer others inquiries.

If you have any dilemma or questions on how to use the birth control, the myPill Birth Control Reminder app includes very useful Help section with answers, tips and link to useful resources, including the app's website, Scarelteen magazine or NHS choices for more relevant medical information.

Here you could get information on how birth control pill actually works, what you should do in case you've missed the pill, check the pamphlets of most popular BC pills, contraceptive failure rates, or find more about antibiotics and contraceptive use.

While the main purpose of this app is to remind users not to miss their birth control pill, it also provides useful guidance on use of contraceptives. For example new users that just have started their pack would get an advice to use extra contraception such as condom, or users might get the advice to switch to other birth control types.

The app includes another useful feature that helps users track their water intake by tapping on eight glasses and emptying them as they drink each.

Visually, the app looks really great, featuring modern design with pleasant color palette and easy-to-use and interactive interface.

The myPill Birth Control Reminder app is free to download to use its basic features, but also offers Premium purchase that includes additional features, such as a snooze on the alert, customizable alert messages and number of active pills, seasonal themes and password protection. Either free or paid, this app is highly recommended to all patients who don't want to miss their daily oral contraceptive anymore.

Benefit: All patients who find it difficult to remember to take their birth control pills daily might find this app useful


  • Visually appealing design with intuitive interface
  • Users can interact with each other
  • Allow users to also track water intake
  • A lot of useful resources to back up all the information
  • Free version is somewhat limited with features, for example there's no snooze if users miss the pill

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