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Overall value:
63 pts
Dosecast is a pill reminder app for Android and iPhone with a simple task to remind users when to take their medicine, also including other features, which are available in Premium version.


Free, but lot of features are locked until you go premium for $3.99
70 pts
App Interface Usability
Easy to use, but design is too simple
60 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app allows adding images of medications, but not in free version
62 pts
Real World Usability
Useful to people who want simple pill reminder app for free; additional locked features doesn't make it worth the purchase
60 pts

If you take medications on daily or weekly basis then you probably know how hard it can be to follow a schedule. Missing doses or taking the higher doses to catch up can be very dangerous in some cases.  Everyone should know that medications should be only taken as prescribed, i.e. exact dose at exact time.

Staying adherent to your medication regimen is important, but it could be a real struggle. Fortunately, there are many mobile apps that help patients stay on top of their medication schedule. 

We already reviewed couple of these pill reminder apps, such as MediSafe Pill Reminder app, which is probably the best medication reminder app I've encountered, or MedicineList+ app that is primarily aimed at patients in Australia.

Another similar app we review today is Dosecast, a pill reminder app for Android and iPhone with a simple task to remind users when to take their medicine.

Beside this main reminder feature, Dosecast also includes other features as well, but many are available only if you purchase Premium version for $3.99. The app is however free to download and use as a basic pill reminder.

Upon starting the app it will require an access to your contacts, and a registration, which is done automatically by syncing with your phone account. This is the part I didn't like, because I care about my privacy and I like to have full control over the things I'd like to share (or not).

Basically, Dosecast app doesn't allow you any of that, so if you're worried about your privacy, you might consider to not using the app at all.

Dosecast opens to a blank screen with several options in the footer. To start tracking your medications simply tap on plus symbol, which opens a new screen titled New Drug. Here you can simply enter basic information about each medication you take, including the name, type, dosage, strength, frequency, time of day, how you take your medication (on schedule or as needed), etc. 

The first thing to add is, of course, the medication name. Dosecast app allows you to enter it manually, or to search drug database. Naturally, in order to speed up the entry I chose to search the database, but I was again unpleasantly surprised. Although it is supposed to be basic functionality, the search is only available for Premium subscribers. 

So I had to continue adding drug information manually, which is easy if you follow instructions from your prescriptions. Beside basic information, here you can set reminder times when the app will send you push notifications. You'd then have option to Take, Postpone or Skip your medication.

Many patients benefit from visual reminders. Dosecast app includes option to add drug image, helping those users remember when to take blue oval pill or eight-sided pink pill. Unfortunately, this feature is also locked unless your premium user.

Some other features are also excluded from free version of Dosecast app, such as refill information and alerts, expiration alerts, or adding doctor, pharmacy and prescription information. Also, unlike other medication reminder apps, free version of Dosecast app doesn't allow creating multiple profiles, so it's not suitable for caregivers until they upgrade to premium.

This is really unsatisfying because many other pill reminder apps, including those that we reviewed, offer all of these features for free, including some advanced features, such as visual pill ID, or using camera to easily add medications by scanning barcodes from the pill packages.

I wasn't impressed by the Dosecast app's interface. While the app is easy to use, the design is too simple and looking a bit outdated.
The good thing about this app is the ability to track multiple medications that users need to take at different times of the day. You'd get prompt reminders at the exact time, and have an option to take the medication, postpone it for later, or skip it completely.

And that's all about it. Dosecast is simple pill reminder app that doesn't offer a lot more in paid version. I'm not sure if I would recommend it when there are much better options and apps that offer the same, or even more, for less.

If you need basic medication reminder, then Dosecast is the app for you. Otherwise, if you want to have complete control over your medication schedule, I'd suggest you to choose other better pill reminder app.

Benefit: Patients who need simple pill reminder app


  • Easy to use
  • Prompt reminders that use push notifications
  • Some privacy concerns, regarding auto registration and accessing the contacts
  • Design is too simple and a bit outdated
  • A lot of essential features are locked and require purchase of Premium version

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