hey all.. i am very confused at the min, i am now 10 wks late but all my preg test i have done have turned out to be neg :? i have been to the doctors n she said i could off just missed a period but i have missed 2 up to now.. i have done a urine sample and had my results bk today which was neg and that if i havent come on by 9th april which shud be my next period then go bk for a blood test..( this will be my 3rd missed period if i dnt) i already have a little boy and found out straight away i was preg with him at 5 wks. i had the coil in and did miss 1 period on that but since havin it out a yr ago my period have been aound 5 wks apart and was slowly returning bk to normal of 28 days.. the thing is me n my partner only started tryin 15 wks ago and then i have 1 period n miss 2.. i have had really bad bk ache and my boobs are feelin tender, i have felt abit of sickness but only every now and again.. i have also been havin what feels like period pains which then makes me think i might be comin on but nothing!!!! has anyone else had anything like this... i think i am but with the neg results i am only 5050.. i am not stressed and with me gettin preg wi in a month of tryin for my first is makin confussed... has any1 else had this... plz help!!! x x