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Hi - this is my first post, I'm hoping someone can help as I am feeling very confused.

My periods are like clockwork and I am now late by one week. About a week before my period was due I had some pink staining when I wipe, nothing like when I start my period and never enough to notice at any other time, this lasted around 2 days then went away.

From after this I started to develop nausea and sickness and a general feeling of being exhausted. My breasts got noticeably larger as well as swollen and sore. I put it down to a very bad period coming on and got on with it. Other symptoms included heartburn (which I never get), some tummy pain and I have been quiet emotional. 

When I missed my period I did test with a home test which came out negative, so I thought maybe I needed a little longer for my hormone levels to rise and left it a week, but still negative today. 

I booked a doctors appointment and they did a urine test whilst I was there and he said negative and not to worry about it, go home, get on with it and if I still feel this way in fortnight test again. I asked if they would blood test if I did still feel like this in 2 weeks and it was still negative and he said no as blood tests are no more accurate than urine tests, I always thought that blood tests were more accurate?

Lastly I just have this overwhelming feeling that something is different, I can't describe it as it is such an odd feeling, but when I said this the doctor looked at me as if I had gone mad!

I have heard of women not ever showing as positive on home pregnancy tests, and even worse that ectopic pregnancy does not always test as positive. 

Just as an aside I am not stressed or worried about anything in my life (or wasn't till today) I am healthy, not over or under weight. 

The doctor just didn't seem to be interested in helping and I would really appreciate some advice.


Many thanks in advance.




Can anyone help? I really need some advice. %-)



Im going thou same boat, im 8 days late for af and test say BFN. I also had implantation bleeding 4 days before af was due and that lasted 2 days then completely done. I ovulated in the middleof oct so that would put me rite now about 3 weeks and i think in some women it does take lil longer for ur hcg level to raise. I recall going thou this w my 1 st pg w my daughter had lite bleeding b4 my period n had to wait 2 weeks to get my bfp.. also my cousin got pg and she tested n tested n tested and bt 3 times also and ALL were BFN. but she knew she was and finally when she gother BFP she was 3 months and doc reason for that was bc sone women just dont show hi levels as most women and another reason bc of her blood type, she was rh-neg bt. As well as me also. About all my pregnancy showed up after 5-7weeks.i been reading so much article and believ it ir not this is common,idk thatit was until i started googleing this and found out that thier tons of woman goin thou same thing and the outcome was bfp.. my doctor told me to wait 2 wks after being late for af... so hope this helps alil and sorry for writing a book,im a dust to u,and pleazz post the outcome of what happened to you as well as i will to...hate waiting for the bfp....goodluck