My partner and i are tryin for another baby. i last had my periods around the 28th of dec, wasnt heavy like normal but because of the festive times i didny pay much attention XD i was due around xmas day but came later as i said wasnt much of a period and was finished by new year. i havent had anything since then its now the 6th of feb. im not that much late but have had all the pregnancy symtoms, but nothin like my last pregnancy, this time i feel sick, stomach cramps, nipples r huge XD lower back pain (but i have that anyways from havin twins) sore and swollen boobs, weak bladder and arm n leg cramps. headache and dizzyness and omg tiredness!!! i got really bad headaches with my twins and its the same this time but never got sore boobs or anything last time! gosh i didnt even produce milk XD i really want to be pregnant but ive took two tests one a week ago and one yest :'( im gutted with gettin the negitive result. i have the docs on tuesday the10th o feb to get blood took. i pray i get a good result, but if i dont i want to know wats up, ive never been irregular nothings changed in my life that im aware of i just wanna know. if anyone has any comments or suggestions it wld be much appreiciated :-D x