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I usually have a VERY regular period, it comes on the same day every month. The most I have ever been late is one day! This month I didn't get my period so at 3 days late I took a hpt and it came back neg. the next morning I took another with morning urine and again it was neg. over the next 4 days I took two more and both were neg. and then this morning I have been having light spotting. My normal period would already be heavy by the end of the first day and it is still very light and only when I wipe. The only other time I have been late for my period is when I was pregnant with my daughter in 09 but I never had spotting. I haven't had any of the normal signs that I am expecting my period (cramps, etc) the only thing is my boobs and nipples are sore. I haven't been stressed at all or anything emotional that would cause me to miss a period like this.. Could I be pregnant? If anyone has an opinion I would appreciate it.


i am in the same boat i think you should go see a doctor or take another pregancy test in about a week