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hey im 19 and 5 weeks ago i had a miscarriage it happened on de tuesday dat same day i came of de pill but dat same week on sunday and monday i slept wi my boyfriend and e came inside me about 2 or 3 weeks ago my chest start been really sore any pressure put on it kills but in de last week ive been feelin sick but not actually gettin sick i thought i got my periods last wednesday but was jus a spot of blonde de next day i bled really lightly for a couple of hours den dat was it my periods usually last 4 or 5 days today and last nite ive been gettin cramps dat i usually get durin my period but no blood and ive had headaches de last 3 days...... i only went to see a fortune teller on thursday aswell i thought she wudve said sumin but she jus said i wud conceive twins on holidays so im not sure wat to think

can any1 help??


First question...did you take a home pregnancy test? This is your first step in finding out if you are prego. And, if you have definitely missed your period or are late, then it is soon enough for a HPT to show up. Do this, then if you still have questions, let us know. Good luck!