Hello,all. Im 28,been on ovral contraceptive pills for 5yrs. 26 march 2012 i quit pills and i finish my whole pack,  my boyfriend and i wants a baby. Whilst,i was seing my period frm 25 to 30 march. In start of april 2012 ive been feelin sick,dizziness,headache,tinglin feelin in my breast,pain,white things wit my niples. Abdominal and lower back pain,fatigue,weak bloatin,craving for food,smetimes no appetite.,at tmes very hungry. On 21,22april i had a heavy bleedin with clots.,then it stopped nthin at al. Bt my sickness continued stil ,took sme test at the doct,not aneamic,no infection at al,preg negative. Bt stil feel sick, on the 14may 2012,start bleeding again bt very light red til 16may.,then stopped into a very brown colour mixin pinkish. Im stil sick,heavy stomach,pain in abdominal,felt heart burn,burpin al the time,weak,felt a stretch pain near my belly button,palpitation weird breathin,as if missin air.17,18april headaches very bad,weak,bloatin again,ther are tmes im feelin ok,all of a sudden im sick again. I hav 2 boys i knw wat it feels like to b preg. Im confuse wit the bleedin and stil feel nausea. Several test done stil negative, i dnt knw wats wrong wit me. My doc say there are tmes the hcg aint strong for them to see and said nt al pregnancy are the same. Bt hav nt done any ultrasound. I gues its early. Ive been drinkin lots of water,and urinatin lots also. Sme friends told me myb its twins,coz ther is in my family my brothers,my uncles.can any1 help me plz,are my already pregnant,or are my on the line of bein preg,or myb the effect of the pills has nt finish drainin out of my body.help plz.we want a baby